A patented moisture management technology

Having control over the moisture levels in feed pellets is key to both feed quality and profitability. Globally 1-3% of feed volumes are lost during the milling process, mainly due to evaporation. Variations in moisture levels in feed raw materials add another challenge to consistent pellet quality. Water can be introduced into the process to address this, however free water will often lead to growth of molds and bacteria.

SmartMoisture: patented moisture technology

SmartMoisture is a patented innovation that may reduce these risks and improve the quality of feed pellets. It contains a unique combination of esterified propionic acid, buffered organic acids and surfactants, which supports moisture absorption in the feed particles and aids in the protection of feed against bacteria and molds for longer than solutions using non-esterified organic acids. 


The full package

SmartMoisture is being brought to you in collaboration with Devenish. Their global sales team can even support you on solutions to help dose SmartMoisture. Have a look at the below video clip for more information on SmartMoisture and our collaboration with Devenish on this innovative product. For more information on SmartMoisture and product requests, please visit www.smartmoisture.com.

Antony Wildon

Senior Business Manager EMEA


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